Catastrophe's Conflux

French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte once famously advised to "never interrupt an enemy when they are in the process of destroying themselves." The continuing drama surrounding the unmaking of OpenAI reveals that a tragic combination of two competing directions now predictably threatens the future of artificial intelligence.

Deconstructing Labor Disruptions

As the volatile global business landscape evolves through the post-pandemic period, labor disruptions (strikes, layoffs, and resignations) will be a recurring challenge. Rather than being destabilized by these developments, five deconstructions of your strategy can help you become even more effective.

Confronting Catastrophe

The New Year usually heralds beginnings, a fresh start, a new look. Yet as the world plunges into economic uncertainty, more businesses are realizing they've reached the end of the runway. Will you take off and soar? Or pull back and crash?


The first ninety days of an engagement sets the tone for how the rest of that relationship develops. If first impressions are everything, then early mistakes can easily become unrecoverable. 

AI and the Singularity

Creativity is often cited as one of the central hallmarks of sentience. The ability to reach into the unknown and imagine or invent through the spark of inspiration has been a uniquely human quality. Now that artificial intelligence is creating art, what comes next?